Welcome to the Kestenberg Movement Profile:
Body movement descriptions and interpretations

The second edition of The Meaning of Movement (2018) is now available for purchase!

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Who is the KMP for?

*Dance/movement and body-oriented (psycho)therapists can incorporate into mental health assessment and treatment for children, adolescents, and adults

*Parents can foster healthy development and prevent/manage challenges

*Educators can learn how to support people with different learning styles

*Health care professionals can learn markers of psychological milestones

Why use the KMP?

The body and its manner of moving not only reveals an individual's feelings and emotions, but can give us insight into an individual’s past.

ALL life experiences get stored in the body and are reflected in body movement. A person who feels rejected may develop a hollow, narrowed body attitude which expresses and reinforces such feelings throughout life.

Because both physical and emotional experiences leave long term traces upon the way people hold themselves and move, the study of movement opens a door to understanding patterns of early development, coping strategies and personality configurations, and how to heal psychological traumas.