Introduction to the Kestenberg Movement Profile
with Suzanne Hastie
(2 credits/30 hours/30 CE hours)

August 25 - October 27 (Online, Every Thursday, via Zoom 6:00pm-8:00pm ET)

In this 30 hour introductory course, participants will learn the basic layout of the KMP, the movement patterns contained within it, and the developmental and psychological significance of the patterns. Through experiential activities, discussion, asynchronous assignments, and observational practice, students will come to understand the depth, wholeness, and vision the KMP has to offer therapists and educators in their work. Clinical applications will be integrated into the course. *(this 30 hour course is approved by the American Dance Therapy Association as meeting requirements for the Alternate Route R-DMT credential)

To Register: Contact Suzanne Hastie at suzannehastie@aol.com

Monthly KMP Study Group 

This is a group for those who have successfully completed all three KMP courses (90 hours of foundational study) and are interested in continuing to learn and/or make applications in work/life or are pursuing the KMP certification. Group (s) meet via Zoom on the 2nd Monday (6-8pm ET) or Tuesday (10-11:30am ET) of each month for 90 minutes.

Fee is $45 each month.
To register: suzannehastie@aol.com

Body Language of Personality and Self-Esteem: Tension Flow Attributes and Bipolar Shape Flow
with Melanie Johnson French
(30 Hours)

Wednesdays from: March 16-June 22, 2022
Online via Zoom
6:30pm-8:30pm, US Eastern Time

In this 30 Hour Course, participants will learn the movement patterns and theoretical interpretation of body movements associated with personality and temperament, as well as self-concept. Participants will learn how to observe and diagram these 2 categories of movement patterns.

**Prerequisite recommended but not required: Tension Flow Rhythms course

To Register: Contact Melanie Johnson French at melaniejohnson46@gmail.com